How to start Gutenberg editor in WordPress

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Create amazing posts with Gutenberg Editor

At first, we have to write Gutenberg in the search option of Add Plugin option & then after getting the Gutenberg we have to install it. then we have to activate the plug in to use this one. A user may try to install the new version of Gutenberg to get all updated options to work. After installing Gutenberg in the dashboard we will see a Gutenberg icon at the bottom of the dashboard. After that, if we click on the Gutenberg option we will see demo, feedback & demonstration option here to work.If we click on the demo we will see how it will look or it will help us to get a review. This will give us few samples like how a user can use Gutenberg editor.

Creating a new post:

Now after clicking on the new button, we will bring a new page to design by Gutenberg. We can also do the same work from the Add new option from the post section. At first, we have to provide a title of the post .we can add it by adding the title. After that, we can write a paragraph in the paragraph writing section.

Now we can explore the options available in Gutenberg. If we click on the plus button at the top corner we will found there are recent, blocks, embeds & saved option. A recent option will show the recently edited works. Another hand the blocks option will show the recent blocks we worked for. The saved option will show the saved blocks.

We have also the option to write & search in the search option. Then we will get undo option here which will help us to undo any typing in the body of the paragraph. At the same time, we have redo option also to apply in the paragraph section. Then we have a content structure option. It will show the number of words, headings, paragraphs, & blocks here.

At the right side, we will get notification option which will show that the document is saved. Then we also have a preview button to see the documents before publishing. The next button is the publish, it will help us to publish the page after finishing all the changes. On the right side of the publish button, the setting option is available. After clicking at the right side of the setting we will get visual editor & code editor also. After clicking on the visual Or code editor we will get the required view to work.

Gutenberg Editor


Then we have “Fix Tool Bar at the top” option. At the time of creating a post generally the toolbar option in at the top of the paragraph. But without here the option can be set the Toolbar at the top of the page. From there we can bring necessary changes in the heading or other parts of the paragraph. We will also get the copy all content option in the settings option. This option will help to copy a content of any post to paste in a new post to design a new post.

Then on the right side, we have standard classic document settings. We will get status & visibility, categories & tags, Featured image excerpt, discussion & table of contents option. The table of contents is mostly similar to the content structure option. From the discussion option, we can allow viewers to comment on any topic. The block option will help us to keep the 1st word of the paragraph starts with a Bold letter. For that from the text setting, we have to keep the drop cap option on.

We can also increase the font size here. Then the background color will help us to set a preferred color of the paragraph. We can select any suitable color we prefer.

The block alignment setting will help to ensure the proper alignment of the paragraph. Like right, left or center alignment of the paragraph. Then for the beginning users, we have CSS Class option here. Then we will get more settings on the right side of the blog. After clicking on this option we will Hide Advanced settings, edit as HTML, Remove, convert into the reusable block, turn in to heading, turn in to quote, turn in to list, turn in to pre-formatted option here. Here we will get an option to edit visually or by HTML view as required.

After clicking on the reusable block we can save documents for future use. We will get the saved blocks from the saved option after pressing the plus button. After making all the changes we can preview the post & see how it will look after publishing. Here while editing we will also get the option to insert quotes in the paragraph. We can also change the heading like make it large or small after clicking on the heading.

This is important to know that from the block option we can also add images inside of the paragraph. Most interesting part is we can ad Feedback option in the paragraph also by pressing the feedback option from Gutenberg.


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