Google Mobile First Index Is Best Bet To Grow

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Few primary concepts:

From the introduction stage of using the internet, we like to view websites in desktops/laptops. But recently viewing websites & applications in mobile / cell phones become very popular. So the world best search engine Google also focused on a preference for viewing & searching websites in the cell phones effectively & smartly.
Based on the user-friendly interface of a website in the mobile Google has introduced Mobile Frist Index, a parameter to rank a website based on that.
So if anyone likes to make his website become popular with the maximum number of mobile phone users then it must be a mobile browser friendly website.

Mobile-first Indexing

Strategies to increase Google Mobile First Index:

Every success I followed by effective strategies. To create a mobile-friendly website a web developer needs to focus on the following aspects:

The same website for Mobile & Web:

A frequently asked question regarding Mobile Frist index is should we start creating or developing the separate website for mobile users to get our website mobile friendly. The answer is no need to create a customized website for mobile users only. Anyone can build a single website which will work in the platform of mobile & desktop version as well. Creating another website for cell phone users will not be cost & time effective.
In this regard, the most important issue is also that if we are minimizing our content for creating mobile websites then we are also at risk to recognize the demand of our target group. Because in reality we even do not know that viewers are looking for which content. Not no need to cut contents for creating a mobile-friendly website.

Use Viewport, Meta Tag:

The web developer needs to use the view pot meta tag to ensure all web contents are arranged in proper scale & size. This tool also helps us to ensure that a page is designed in such a way that it fits the screen. It also ensures a user-friendly experience for the multi-device users. Using viewport meta tag will also help to identify the pages most viewed by the visitors & create a mobile-friendly website based on that. This is basically a virtual area used by the browser to the rendering engine that all contents are properly used in the website.

Set the accurate Font size & bottom size:

To make a website more mobile user-friendly the font size of the mobile contents should be specified so that users get an excellent experience of getting the information they are looking for. Most of the times due to smaller font size viewers cannot view the content/ information they’re looking for. So the font size of the mobile content is very important. Researchers suggest that font size should not be less than 14px. This standard font size ensures an understandable content size for the viewers.
Beside content size, the bottom side of the mobile web page is also important so that users can understand the options & guidelines for better user experience. World best company follows 44 px as bottom size for mobile web pages.
By this way, an e-commerce site ensures the best user experience in viewing mobile contents.

Use High-resolution images:

Now, this is the world of high definition images. Whenever we are browsing websites in mobile or desktop we always prefer to see high definition images in our cell phone. This is also true that we should always use better & high-resolution images for mobile applications rather than for desktop versions. But is a viewer have to zoom an image to see, then it will mess up the content ultimately.
Another hand nowadays in the smartphones high definition screens becomes the challenge to the web developers to set HD images in the mobile version of web page & applications.

Remove the default zoom:

Most of the times we set auto zoom so that users can zoom the required parts of the mobile website. But this step actually messes up the experience of the user to view the content in the real size. It presents the navigation and images to small or large in the platform. View Port mega tag can help to set custom variables to present the content in the perfect way for best user experience. Without setting customized variables it will be difficult for the web developers to ensure the best mobile web experience for the users.

Use Youtube video links:

Using too many youtube videos may decrease the satisfaction of the viewers in case of a mobile/ desktop website. This is also true that videos ensure a smooth experience for the viewers to get any message properly. But rather uploading a video directly we can share an embed code on YouTube which is more user-friendly & responsive.
It also ensures a lighter & best mobile web browsing for the target users.

Leave the link for the desktop version of the web page:

Besides mobile apps, this is very important to leave a link to view the desktop version of the website. Because it will give the users a great opportunity to see the complete website for more information & images.

Consistent test for further development:

After developing a website this is very important the mobile website is tested on all mobile apps like notebook, smartphones & Tabs to get feedback for better user experience. Because this is no limit for development. So the more we will work on research & development, the more development steps can be taken to make it more popular & user-friendly.

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